Updated april 30, 2017


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Welcome to this website which presents my Samoyeds.

The Samoyed is a beautiful medium sized dog, which clearly shows its northern origins, with small ears, erect and well furnished with hair, brush tail, thick and dense coat.

This is perhaps the showiest of all dogs in Group 5 with her white dress and her "legendary smile" which is a distinguishing feature of the breed.

Rustic, active, sociable, sensitive, independent or autonomous, more precisely, it is yet not like loneliness.

Affectionate and sweet, this is a great companion, especially for young children even, which he never tired.

He also loves the houses where it would not be the only dog ​​because he is very playful. The puppy is angelic sweetness.


So you will get to know my Samoyeds and their activities ...

Enjoy ...

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