Houah Na Bee'b Hawaï of Winky Bow-Wow

  2*BOB - 1*CACIB - 1*RCACIB - 2*CACS - 3*RCACS - 1*BIS Young - 1*BOG Young - 5*BOB Young  

LOF: 10394/1726 
Date of Birth: March 10, 2012 
Microchip: 250268730060445

Dysplasia: D / D 
APR: Healthy by genetic testing of parents

Father: MultiCh Vyper Kim's Memory of Karasea 
Mother: Rec. By Arctic Bzz Bzz Tiny'gloo of Winky Bow-Wow 

Titles: Confirmed - Rating 1 
Test of Character CFCNSJ: 10/10 

Producer: Elizabeth LIGNIERT-TILLIER 
Owner: Miss Nadège FERDINAND 

Paw-bleu.png Pedigree Paw-bleu.png


His father: Kim Vyper's Memory of Karasea


His mother: By Arctic Bzz Bzz Tiny'gloo of Winky Bow-Wow

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